Munish Sehli

Business Development Manager

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Munish joined Range in July 2022 as a Business Development Manager, with over 11 years of work experience across banking, digital marketing, and real estate. His areas of expertise involve business development, client relations, and leadership. Munish strongly values and prioritizes the needs of his clients, and ensures that their expectations are not only met, but exceeded. He believes that there is always a property to suit every client, and his job is to guide them to their perfect match. One of Munish’s long-term goals is to work hard enough to make a mark on the UAE real estate sector and when he’s not closing deals at the office, he spends his time writing, reading, and traveling the world with his family.

Email : [email protected]

Phone No: +971 455 484 89

Customer Reviews

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"Great experience! Munish and the team really made a lot of effort for me thinking of innovative ways to find practical and affordable investment deals for me. I highly recommend working with Munish to find the best property investments in Dubai!"