Pradeep Thoppil

Senior Accountant

Pradeep joined Range as a Senior Accountant in 2020. He came to Dubai in 2010 and has an extensive 5-year experience in the industry which allowed him to be well versed in finance and accounting. A man with a mission to stay ahead in the world’s most forward-thinking industry, he likes to undergo constant changes, ensuring that his skills are at their best. Pradeep easily adapts to today’s changing environment and is highly resilient towards any obstacle that comes his way. His analytical skills are what sets him apart and his passion for financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting is what helped him progress tremendously in his career and earn the title of Best Employee multiple times. Pradeep believes that the key to success is the following — upgrading yourself every single day, always enhancing your skills, and staying up to date with market tactics and trends.

Email : [email protected]

Phone No: +971 455 484 89