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Priyanka Halari joined Range as a Property Consultant in November 2021. She previously worked as a Boutique Manager for a luxury watch brand where she was recognized for her diligence. Her shift into the real estate market ensued from her deep desire to help individuals make crucial decisions about investments. Her favorite aspect of the job is to meet new people and to keep an eye out for the latest developments in the market. She likes to be a trusted source for her clients who gives them the best advice in the market. In February 2022, Priyanka was the first employee to bring in the largest revenue in a month to the company. She aims to make great strides in the future as well. In order to achieve success, her mantra is summarized in a quote, “Risk is a man-made concept that regulates the gap between average & exceptional.”

Email : [email protected]

Phone No: +971 455 484 89

Customer Reviews

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"The perfect place to go for your Real Estate need, whether it is Mortgage or resale of your own property or investing in a new one. I highly recommend Priyanka . She is very responsive and quickly suggests various projects and does constant follow up for my reviews on them."

Mohammed Rak

"Range works with a vast portfolio of projects which gave a very just understanding of all developers , and while suggesting projects Priyanka gave me a very unbiased review of all on going projects, which is why we I prefer real estate agent company especially Range. Professional and Updated on all Projects"

Pranshu S

"This is a really go to place if you’re looking for any kind of property investments in apartments and housing. Real thanks to Miss Priyanka as she has guided us a lot in terms of the rates going on these days. Overall I’m all really pleased with Range International Property."

sanoj malap

"Professional and knowledgeable advice given by Priyanka , polite , suggested projects within my budget and requirements. The company did a good job in training their staff in speech and knowledge."

Chander Kant