Damac Lagoons, embrace a Mediterranean-inspired lifestyle in Dubai

As more individuals choose to live in Dubai, the market for luxury real estate has been vastly expanding. This has opened the doors to some of the most exceptional developments in the city’s most popular locales.

One such exquisite development is the 45-million-square-foot residential project known as DAMAC Lagoons. The fascinating property features eight Mediterranean-inspired communities, constructed around stunning artificial lagoons. Each cluster has a distinct motif that reflects its unique facilities. Townhouses up for sale vary from 3BR, 4BR, 5BR, and 6BR stand-alone villas, giving investors and end-users a wide variety to choose from.


The masterfully crafted clusters are as follows:

Costa Brava

The artistically designed villas and townhouses that make up Costa Brava are surrounded by Catalonia moods and thrilling excursions. With rooftop access, hammock flooring, garden water features, and more, the Spanish-style homes in Costa Brava are a beautiful example of how life's little treasures can come to reality.
Indoor snorkeling, rock climbing, kayaking, paddle boarding, zip lining, and more thrilling aquatic adventures await you as soon as you step outside. Costa Brava has a vibrant and extraordinary atmosphere. So, whatever you are seeking in your daily life, this is a haven where all your unique desires come to life.


Nice, a magnificent community at Damac Lagoons opens the gateway to villas with retreats for the ones in love, all surrounded by a classic French flair.

The French-style residences in Nice, with their inspired architecture, vibrant colors, and cleverly planned areas, perfectly embody the spirit of the classic French city. Great escapes are waiting for you outside your house, including a skate park, bike trails, swimming pools, and much more.

Here in Dubai, experience the timeless beauty of the French Riviera. Find your home in a community where you can thrive.


As you live, work, and play near the water, celebrate the elegance of balance. Townhouses and villas with an Italian aesthetic await you in Portofino at DAMAC Lagoons.

The Portofino Work & Play Hub blends business with pleasure by providing you with a charming office location that transports you to breathtaking natural beauty. After a workout at the Aqua Gym, spend some time meditating at the outdoor spa. Then to indulge in some delightful music, visit the outdoor music pavilion and have an unforgettable experience.

You are invited to experience the good life in all its varied hues in Portofino.


Vast emerald-blue lagoons spread across over a million square feet of land—what could be better? Exquisite townhouses and villas with premium exteriors and blue accents, echoing classic Mediterranean motifs, and surrounded by the grandeur of DAMAC Lagoons is precisely what you can find in Santorini.

At Santorini, the residences are connected by charming pathways, bike lanes, and serene greenery, evoking the wonder and amazement of Santorini, among the most photographed locations on earth.

Here, stylish interiors and vast outdoor spaces come together in magnificently-designed rooms, all of which are close to the black sandy beach.


Venice at DAMAC Lagoons is the next stop on the Mediterranean tour. Inspired by the traditional Italian city, Venice is a combination of expansive villas with panoramic views of the vast lagoons and exquisite architecture.

Prepare to be amazed by quaint waterside cafés, gondola rides, upscale shopping experiences, carnival vibes, and more. The jewel in the crown is a spectacular clubhouse, among many other exciting features.


Luxury townhouses with a 7,000-year-old architectural background welcome you in Malta. Discover a tale that has been unfolding for generations as you tour tastefully designed homes situated among magical lagoons.

With nature-rich virtual reality experiences, a floating flower market, and a building blocks pavilion that blur the lines between history and technology, there is enough to stimulate the interest of the curious mind. You may explore centuries of literature, inventions, and culture in Malta.



The joy of Andalucía, the jewel of the Spanish coast, is where a zesty aroma fills the air, revitalizing the spirit and calming the mind.

The latest development by Damac Properties, Marbella at Damac Lagoons, offers the most luxurious living in 4 and 5-bedroom villas and townhouses in Dubai. The infrastructure in this brilliantly portrayed land of passion is truly inspired. A spectacular life awaits you in Marbella, bringing all your dreams to life.

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