Resilience in the new Reality

The real estate sector has experienced a dramatic change in recent years. In many scenarios challenges remain – yet increasingly there are also significant opportunities. Making sure your real estate decisions are based on sound advice and support has never been more important. Throughout the pandemic, Range’s agile approach established them as the clear choice for all real estate requirements. Range Managing Partner, Lester Verma, explains how they weathered the COVID19 storm.

2020 saw real estate owners, managers, and investors facing perhaps their most difficult challenges in generations, we are proud to have supported stakeholders seeking a way forward that protected property values and operations and yet also demonstrated compassion for our tenants likely struggling with unexpected challenges and uncertainty. To help mitigate issues arising from Covid-19 we developed a framework for our staff that enabled us to be agile and remain focused on the market demands. We understand the value of transparency and agility to support our customers and we were there to address all aspects of vulnerability within real estate due to rapid change. We pride ourselves on providing assurances and immediate insight as to the contours of the current landscape rapidly change.

Times like these have a way of clarifying what matters most and on a positive note, we have noticed that the fallout from COVID-19 means many families are beginning to look towards greener pastures while taking advantage of the significant opportunities offered in the current market. We have been providing residents across Dubai with luxury real estate since 2016 and have a reputation for connecting iconic, high-quality facilities to the right new owner. Lester believes Range’s success is down to the company’s resilience and innovation, coupled with trained high quality staff offering a service that is more human than many other real estate companies.

With our winning team, you can only expect to receive a high standard professional experience. We pride ourselves in connecting the right people with the right opportunities, year after year after year. Despite the challenges we faced, despite the losses that we will feel deeply as a community, we will continue to work together and put our customers first. We have an important responsibility to our customers wherever they are on their real estate journey, and we care deeply about supporting them.

We listen and that has given us the chance to seize every opportunity over the last twelve months, ensuring we can continue to meet the market demands and stay resilient through the COVID-19 crisis. “We will always be there when needed and have a very modern way of thinking which has helped to keep us ahead of the curve” says Lester. The sudden impact of COVID-19 propelled the need for real estate businesses to mobilize quickly. “Our digital strategy has really helped us to continue selling throughout the pandemic. It meant we were able to place properties directly into the palm of consumers even throughout social distancing, which was truly innovative. In my view, any real estate company not exploring and exploiting property technology and innovation should question its strategy” says Lester. As the world begins to move back to a new normal and the housing market is strengthened, Range is expecting to see real estate to be one of the most active sectors. The last few months have been a challenge for everyone but as 2021 gets underway, we have seen homeowner inquiries continue to pick up considerably. We look forward to supporting real estate shoppers find access to some of the world’s most remarkable homes, as we move into a new phase of adjustment and support. We’d be delighted to tell you more about how we can do the same for you – so please do get in touch with our team to see how we can help.