Spend a day with Range and experience its exclusive concierge service

Great infrastructure, high standard of living, progressive policies and lucrative real estate opportunities make Dubai one of the best cities in the world to live and work in. Industry ranking has placed Dubai ahead of European cities such as Paris and Milan! As global expatriates gravitate towards Dubai, the time is right to partake in the booming real estate market and buy your dream property.

You too can call Dubai your home by just spending a day with Range. You can explore the most popular and sought-after properties in Dubai with Range International Property Investments’ exclusive concierge services.

Designed specifically for customers such as you, the concierge service helps you find a property that meets your unique needs.

Want a house close to an international school? Check.

Want access to excellent healthcare? Check.

Want to live in a safe gated community? Check.

Want the most lucrative ROI? Check.

Whatever your requirements, the concierge service, driven by our real estate experts, can help you look at options that will exceed your expectations. Right from identifying properties, making analytical assessments, to helping you make the right decision and navigating paperwork – the concierge service does it all. The best of all – this service is absolutely free!

How does the Range concierge service work?

To benefit from the Range concierge service, all you have to do is go to our website and book an appointment. You will be asked to share a few basic details such as name and contact information. Our real estate experts will immediately get in touch with you. You can explain your requirements and interests to them. They will briefly tell you about the range of options available in Dubai and what you can look forward to. Once they have understood your needs, they will take care of everything.

Our specialists will chart out a plan of action for the day you spend with Range. On the day most convenient for you, our chauffer services will pick you up from your office or hotel in Dubai. If you are arriving around the same time, you can also be picked up from the airport. Range experts, who have a wealth of experience in Dubai’s real estate market, will accompany you as you meet with various property developers, visit potential sites and weigh your options.

While your day with Range may come to a close, the concierge services most definitely don’t. Once you are done with your visits, our experts will sit down with you to help you compare projects, crunch numbers and assist you in making the best decision possible. They will also handle the most tedious part of buying a property – the paperwork! From answering finance related queries, drafting agreements and closing the deal – they will take care of everything so the process is extremely simple, hassle-free and seamless for you.

With bespoke Range Concierge Services available at your fingertips, buying a property in Dubai has never been this easy! As HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum transforms Dubai into a smart, sustainable and resilient city of the future, you too can become part of the Dubai dream.

Wait no more. Spend a day with Range today!