Tips to buy a home in Dubai

Get your perfect dream home with these tips

Dubai is a land of dreams with a home to many expats from all over the world with many more still coming to fulfill their dreams. A lot of people in Dubai have a dream of attaining their own home instead of renting. It is fine for the starters to rent a home to settle but with a period of time, it can become very costly and savings can be compromised. So, how do you save money? By buying your own home and to do that, you have to keep in check many things because your precious investment is at stake.

Well to do that, there are multiple tips you should be applying to keep things smooth in your favor.

Consider a budget.

The very first thing is to settle a budget and try not to go over it. Normally, first-time buyers make this mistake of overflowing their budget. It is extremely important to check affordability before stepping into buying. Also, your budget can be defined by means of what you are looking inside a home. For example; are you planning a villa? Or an apartment just for yourself! Or it might be for a whole family. Have a vision defined and budget assigned to it. If you will move ahead with a proper plan and vision, then surely the risk factor will decrease to a minimum and you will have exactly what you desired in your mind.

Plan your requirements.

As I wrote about how planning can be helpful, now I will talk about what you should have in a plan. Creating an image in mind about your needs will shortlist multiple things instead of going blindfolded inside marketing will create confusion. A lot of options are good but can be confusing for the new buyers. So, before you enter a market and start looking for a home, Sit with a cup of coffee & research online and put everything on a piece of paper that suits your needs.

For example; do you want a place for personal space? Do you require a space near your workplace? Are you looking for a bigger home for the family? Are you planning to live in a commercial area or a residential area? Do you require a place which is closely connected to public transport or something away from the hustle of city? You might need schools or retails near your home or maybe a beachfront place because you want some relaxation after a long day of work. Just like me, I live in a place which serves multiple restaurants because I am a foodie and also serves a public transport nearby so I can reach my work in time.

Everyone has their own requirements and a list and plan can ease your journey.

Get professionals in your game.

A vision and a dream is a good start but to give that dream a physical state can be somewhat difficult for a person who has never done this before. So to fulfill your dreams quickly and more efficiently, you may need to consider hiring a professional real estate agent. A professional agent can ease down your journey with their expertise in this particular business. They know exactly what a customer is thinking and which area or type of home will best suit their requirements. A good Real Estate agent will love to educate you about the market stance and will guide you before he starts handling your negotiations. The experts know detailed information about the neighborhood and prices of almost every location in their jurisdictions. Also, handling paperwork and price negotiation can sometimes be troubling for a person who is new to this but, for a professional agent, it’s an everyday task. They can get you your home on a budget you can afford with every requirement fulfilled.

Thorough research.

This is an important thing to do before stepping up your game. Buying can be a hardship and you don’t want to end up with something you would curse afterward. Go to the internet and start browsing. You will be amazed to find the information on websites. There are tons of real estate websites and developers who offer homes and providing their details online for a reader to interest. This can be a good start for you to actually locate what you are dreaming. Further what you can do is to actually visit their office to have a more detailed meeting and throw your requirements on their table. Collect information and take some time before you step into a decision. It’s very important because after all, this is going to be the most important decision and investment of your life.

Property Inspection.

A very important decision which most people ignore and end up buying a place full of faults. One would never wish to put a life investment in something faulty. So, have a home inspection before to identify the faults and check the promised amenities and features are present or not. Now, if you do find some faults, you can either switch to another place or use them as a bargaining tool to lower the price. Talk to your agent and let him handle this issue. So, do this to find a safe and complete home which most people fail to acquire.


A home seller will obviously present his property in the best of looks and appearances to make it look more attractive. Now, beware because this might have done to hide the faults. For example, a nice vase of roses is placed to hide the smudge on the wall or a wallpaper is hiding a nasty hole. So go through each and every detail and involve in fully before you make your decision.